The official Joh Henry Orchestra website Two souls, two voices, four arms and four legs but only one mission: get down and boogie! Never before has been accomplished so much by so few.......

Rolling Stone magazine about the JHO:

"Are you ready for a new concept? To hear a full band but to see only two people on stage? Then it's time to meet "The John Henry Orchestra".
No hocus pocus or computer/samplers here, but the real thing. Two musicians who use all the assets they possess: two voices, two souls, four arms, four legs and 20 fingers in combination with a large variety of instruments AKA "The Orchestra".

Together they create a full-band-sound with a rather new approach to the music of John Lee Hooker, Jimmy Reed, Hound Dog Taylor etc. but also CCR (Creedance), Stones, Cream, Beatles, Canned Heat, U2 and yes, even AC/DC! Everything covered in a hot steamy boogie sauce....

Let there be no mistake about it: wherever "The Orchestra" performs, people get up, dance and have a good time!
(The only two people sitting down will be "the Orchestra" itself...)

( pictures by "sjel" verlinden")